Repointing Traditional Lime Putty

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Repointing Traditional Lime Putty For A Cottage Located In Yeovil, Somerset

Sure Build Restoration were asked to undertake a restoration job on an old cottage repointing traditional lime putty. The repointing job took just over a week and was based in Yeovil, Somerset. The cottages original and replaced lime pointing had started to crumble and deteriorate over time through mainly weathering and natural erosion processes. The bulk of the project consisted of ensuring the correct material and mix was used for the repointing of the new lime putty and actually executing the work to a high standard.

If you would like to read into why listed buildings need lime traditional lime materials, we have written an article here.

repointing traditional lime putty job based in Yeovil, Somerset
repointing traditional lime putty for a cottage located in yeovil, somerset