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Historical & Listed Building Repairs Somerset & Devon

Here at Sure Build Restoration, we can provide an extensive range of services for historical and listed building repairs Somerset, Devon and throughout the surrounding areas. Older buildings require a completely different approach to a new modern day build. Historical and listed buildings need in depth consideration, planning and careful execution to make sure the repairs or replacements are in keeping and safe with the current building structure and time period of the original construction.

Our team have a wealth of experience in undertaking listed building repairs Somerset and have a passion for the architecture, building techniques and local historical buildings. We are experienced in lime plastering, lime rendering, lime pointing, structural repairs, chimney repairs, roof repairs and re-roofing, lead work and all types of repairs for historical and listed buildings in Somerset and Devon.

Historical & Listed Buildings Services Undertaken?

Our team have worked in various working environments. We can undertake maintenance and repairs for all types of historical and listed buildings in Taunton and Somerset, such as:

- Country estates
- Country houses
- Manor houses
- Farm houses
- Cottages
- Churches and chapels
- Barns and outer buildings
- And many more..

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listed building repairs somerset - sure build restoration

Specialist Builders For Listed Buildings – Lime Specialists

Many of our clients were surprisingly unsure about what listed category their property comes under. We have included a short description which will help break down the classification of historical and listed buildings.

Grade 1 listed buildings are of great interest and count as a very small percentage of listed buildings. Around 2.5% of all listed buildings in Somerset come under the grade 1 category. Grade 2* listed buildings are relatively the same and carry a special interest. Approximately 5.5% of listed buildings in Somerset are classified as grade 2*. Grade 2 listed buildings are more likely to be that of homeowners property, due to the fact that they are still of interest but maybe not as old or historic as grade 1 or grade 2*. A grade 2 listing is the most common category of listed buildings counting for around 92% in Somerset.

On the whole most people think that a historical or listed building can't be touched or requires great difficulty to change. That is true to an extent. However, all it means is that you will have to apply for permission to make any changes and alterations to protect the 'special interest' of the building itself. Local authorities will usually consider other factors before making a decision, such as the sites heritage, building safety and condition, function, etc. Please contact with Sure Build Restoration if you would like any guidance in this area.